Our current price, is Nine Hundred Ninety Five Dollars ($995.00) per deeded time share ownership you desire to have transferred out of your individual name(s).  If the deed is in joint names, the fee does not increase but remains the same as if it was owned by just one individual.




The Process

1.    Contact us by email or any slower carrier advising that you wish to transfer your timeshare to us using our process.

a.     We will reach out to you by email or telephone and arrange for payment of the fee.

b.     You will then Pay the fee for each deeded timeshare you want transferred out of your name(s).

c.     We accept credit and debit cards and can also arrange for money order or certified check.

d.     Payments may be made in two transactions by: credit card, debit card, certified or cashier’s checks or money order. The first in the amount of $695 must be submitted when you sign up for the program.  The balance, $300 must be submitted when you return your signed QCD for processing and recording.

2.     After initiating the fee process, you will provide us with a copy your deed transferring the timeshare into your name(s) (the deed that gave you the timeshare).

3.     We will then prepare a Quit Claim Deed (“QCD”) transferring all of the ownership which you own to our acceptance corporation.

a.     It is important that you understand that a QCD only transfers whatever ownership you have in the timeshare.  It is different from a typical Warranty Deed which essentially guarantees a person is conveying/transferring clear, good (unencumbered) title/ownership claiming all past due assessments have been paid in full and are up to date.

b.     We are helping you to avoid future assessments so, we are not concerned if you have unpaid past assessments.

4.     The QCD we prepare from the deed you provide us will be sent to you (preferably by email).  You will then print that QCD deed and take it to a bank or other location that has a notary public who can notarize your signature(s) and provide you witnesses who can witness your signature(s).  You will sign the QCD, have it signed by the witnesses and notarized by the notary public.

5.     You will then return the original signed QCD to Timeshare Acquisition and Transfer, Inc.

6.     Upon receiving your properly signed, witnessed and notarized QCD, we will then have it recorded in the public records in the county that the deed transferring the ownership to you was recorded which is also the county in which the timeshare is located.  Upon recording, you will no longer own the timeshare interest and have no further obligation for any future assessments.  There will be no legitimate reason or basis for anyone, including your resort to name you in any future collection or foreclosure actions.

7.     Upon obtaining confirmation that the QCD has been recorded, we will notify the timeshare resort of the transfer of ownership to us and provide you with a certificate that the process has been completed.

We cannot and do not guarantee that the resort will cease contacting you as that is entirely under their control.  We do not guarantee that the timeshare resort will not attempt to convince you that you are still responsible for any unpaid past assessments. We would not even be surprised if they told you that as far as they are concerned, you still own the timeshare and are responsible for both past and future obligations.  They may continue their efforts to try and frighten you. Your only response should be: “We no longer own the timeshare” and tell them they “should contact the company that acquired it from you: Timeshare Acquisition & Transfer, Inc. 828-214-1120.”

It is important for you to keep in mind that, research of the Florida (FS 721.81(7)) and South Carolina (SC Code 27-32320(A)(1)) statutes establishes that so long as the owner does not contest a non-judicial foreclosure proceeding, that owner cannot be held responsible for a deficiency judgment, (an unsecured money judgment against a borrower whose timeshare foreclosure sale did not produce sufficient funds to pay the unpaid resort assessments in full).  This appears to be true for mortgages on the timeshares as well as liens for unpaid past assessments.

After your QCD is recorded, you are no longer an owner of the timeshare. You may continue to get calls from companies hoping you will hire them to broker the timeshare you used to own.  Tell them what you want, but we have found “I no longer own that timeshare” seems to get the best results.  Feel free to provide them our contact information or direct them to our website.  Eventually, they will stop reaching out to you.