No matter your timeshare problem — we have your timeshare solution.

Thousands of people owe more in annual fees and assessments on their timeshares than their timeshares are now worth. And the fees keep accumulating.

We are here to help you get out from under your growing timeshare debt or to help prevent a timeshare foreclosure case from being filed against you.

The best way to get you free of your timeshare debt and obligations once and for all is for you to transfer title of your timeshare to another person or entity. Our process uses an established acceptance corporation to which you can legally transfer the title of your timeshare. That corporation will then own your timeshare burdened by all of its past, current and future debts. In other words, our acceptance corporation will take the title subject to all of its hundreds or thousands of dollars of delinquencies or unpaid assessments.

Because of those delinquencies and the overall decline of the project, your timeshare has negative value. So, by transferring it in our program, you rid yourself of its forever growing debt burden, while finally gaining peace of mind. It will be the acceptance corporation’s timeshare that is securing the debt to your resort for all of your past delinquencies, so your future credit should not be affected.

There are several firms that provide services similar to ours, and they typically charge many thousands of dollars.  Our founder was in the same position as you with three timeshares that could no longer sustain their value, meaning not even annual fees could be recovered, much less his original investment. We realize you don’t want to throw good money after bad, so we are providing this service for as little as most resorts charge for an annual assessment and a lot less than every other company we have found that tries to provide a comparable service. For a one-time fee of just $995 you will be completely clear of all your future timeshare debt and in many states like Florida and South Carolina, your current and past timeshare debt including mortgages. That is roughly equal to one year’s assessment.

If your unpaid or currently due assessments are already $1,000 or more and growing as your resort tacks on more assessments, interest, late fees and attorneys fees, this is your most viable way to finally get out from under your timeshare burden. Our fee covers the legal work and recording costs charged by the county Register of Deeds to have your timeshare ownership put in the name of our acceptance company. Upon completion, which usually takes two to three weeks, we will immediately notify your resort that ownership has changed so that if it decides to pursue foreclosure to recover any debts on the property, it will have no option but to sue our acceptance company instead of you to foreclose on or take any other action regarding your timeshare. As we explained above, this includes all of your unpaid and past due assessments.

We know you have questions. We’re here to help. You may call us Mon.-Sun., at (828) 214-1120 and we will provide a free consultation to personally answer your questions and further explain how this has worked for many people in circumstances very similar to yours.